G4S Denmark

Digital transformation 



In 2016 G4S – the world’s leading security company – needed help increasing the number of leads to their sales department. Until 2016 G4S had focused more on traditional marketing, namely television spots and print media campaigns. G4S realized, that they wanted to take advantage of the technological trend and adopt the possibilities arisen from the trend. The time had come for a digital transformation.


A focused digital strategy kickstarted the data collection to G4S. We generated traffic to the website through continually employing digital marketing initiatives.


Despite the fact that the media budget was reduced compared to the year before, we increased the quantity of leads with 26 % compared to 2015. In addition, we increased the overall effectiveness of cost-per-lead with 40 %. Thereby, not only reducing cost per lead for G4S but we also managed to provide an increase in the influx of quality leads, which was easier for the sales department to convert to an actual sale.



The digital strategy “G4S steals market share” was rewarded with the Advertising Effectiveness Award (AEA). Umwelt was the agency behind the visual universe whereas we were the agency behind the media strategy for the campaign. The campaign received the following words along the reward: “This is a class example on a technical good case, which delivers on all wanted parameters. The campaign creates a more effective marketing by using the marketing toolbox, fast execution and a number of innovative product developments. It’s a really good job.”