A cross media strategy



In 2015 Riemann came to us with a clear objective for their marketing efforts. As a company they wanted to increase product awareness in the hopes of increasing sales. We assembled a target group analysis which showed that the target group used digital media platforms for research before conducting a purchase.


We reconstructed the marketing strategy to a more dynamic and flexible strategy, making it adaptable to the fluctuating interests such as sunscreen purchase due to changes in the weather. The print and television media strategy were changed into an extensive cross media strategy having digital presence as the main driver. Combining tactical tv-spots with outdoor advertising with only 200 meters to a P20 retailer (selling point) activated the consumers interest. We sampled 30.000 units in a week while launcing a Sun Planner app who obtained 2.270 users in the launch period. The campaign strategy was a success as we increased retail sale in 2017 even though there were less sun hours compared to 2016.  


The reconstruction of the marketing strategy as well as the choice of campaign period ensued a continual increase in sales in retailers such as Matas, Føtes and Apoteket throughout a three-year period. A close collaboration with Riemann’s marketing department became a success. In 2017 Riemann was sold to Orkla ASA.