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The media agency balance is an agency who challenges the ordinary by rethinking and recreating features, maintaining customer focus at all times. We are a media agency constantly in motion. We transform market insights to usable and measurable marketing strategies, aligning elements in order to reach the ever-changing needs and behavior of consumers.


We rethink the interplay between media – online as offline media. By doing so we optimize the value of marketing efforts. We understand the importance of media synergies and recreate solutions based on the whole picture.


As the media landscape is in constant development, we rethink and personalize our counseling to suit every single task. No one size fits all.


To obtain an efficient campaign process it requires thorough planning. We take care of the whole process, so it becomes manageable for the customer.



Exhaustive campaign management ensures maximum campaign effect. We guarantee that deadlines are met, and media comply with agreements.


Our analytical preparations and approach of marketing campaigns ensures ongoing optimization. By doing so we obtain marketing objectives and maximum campaign effect.


As a business partner we focus on strategy and execution. We will be your one-point-of-contact retaining expertise and experience which releases time for you and your work of expertise.

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We strive for satisfied clients. As the client is always in focus, we make sure to continuously cooperate in order to obtain the best results. Thereafter, evaluate campaign performance so optimization opportunities become visible. 

We have been collaborating with the media agency balance for several years and we see them as a valuable business partner. The results speak for themselves. Their professional expertise and continual co-creation and collaboration ensure successful campaigns every year. We will most definitely recommend the media agency balance to other companies.”

Claus Jensen
Managing Director, MyCruise

“We are extremely satisfied with the media agency balance as a business partner. Their consumer knowledge along with their creative and strategic approach to marketing has led to results which has been beyond our expectations throughout the whole collaboration. The partnership has ensured that our marketing campaigns follow a thorough and well-organized media strategy. In addition, we have experienced an extraordinary competent co-creation and responsiveness in relation to our needs and an understanding of our business. We will absolutely recommend the media agency balance to all who wishes a skilled media agency with great market insight and expertise.”

Bendt Nolsøe
Head of Sales and Marketing, DANA


“We chose the media agency balance as it was the only media agency who could fulfill our requirements. Some of our requests included an agency who was willing to spent time on market research and analysis; an agency where we didn’t feel like just a client number, but an exciting business partner / task and an agency with a professional approach to modern marketing. Although we had a special request. We requested to enter into a performance agreement. The media agency balance was the only agency who was up for the challenge, which we saw as a sign of confidence and that they knew that as an agency they could live up to our expectations. We are very pleased with the media agency balance – where we sense that the clients get the attention they want and need, no matter the size of their marketing budget.”

Niklas Præstegaard
Head of Marketing, G4S


Take advantage of the opportunity to ask us a question. Nothing is binding. You can ask us about a project you are dwelling on, a problem you need to solve, a case you want us to look into, an idea, a cooperation between the two of us you want to kickstart or something else. There are no limitations.

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